My most highly recommended colleagues in debauchery - Wanna get ganged up on? We can be available for all sorts of group torture.

Jane Monroe

Jane is an independent kinky provider Based in East London, an avid kinkster, a sensual and sadistic Dominant whilst also being an intimate lover and pillow princess. She loves to indulge in kink and fetishistic practices, kink is a huge part of her life but she also enjoys sex in many of its glorious forms - she is bisexual and extremely flirtatious. 

5'3 ft, pale, Irish, age 24, 36C, dress size 12, shoe size 4, Jane has a voluptuous hourglass figure and is visibly and moderately tattooed with a neck piercing, black bobbed hair, her look is a combination of goth and chic.

With an ass made for smothering, Jane specialises in sensual domination, and is sought after for her Face-sitting and body worship sessions, with a bush and armpit hair for you hair lovers/fetishists.

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Miss Simone Reage 

Ms Simone is a true Amazon, standing 6'2 with UK 11 feet to match. Strong and powerful, She delights in using Her height to bully and overpower weak men.
While She is often the demented sadist, taking pleasure in your suffering, humiliation and/or desperation, there is an undeniable maternal aspect to Her. A caring sensuality which leads many to call Her Mummy.
She does not ascribe to prudish sensibilities around Domme’s sexuality, using it to get what She wants and assert control over submissives, taking particular pleasure in tease and denial and cuckolding sessions with both male and female lovers.
Other favourites include toilet humiliation, objectification, CBT, nipple torture, and impact play.